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Carbonnades de boeuf à la gueuze

Une recette typiquement belge. Très facile à réaliser, elle prend cependant du temps puisque ça doit mijoter un maximum.

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Namespace clash in IE

In JavaScript, in Internet Explorer, you cannot declare a global variable that has the same name as the id of any element on the same web page. If you try and then try to use any method on that object, you get a « object does not support method » error. Why? Because, in Internet Explorer, the […]

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Don’t declare a variable called args in Ext.onReady function

Recently, I was trying the following: Ext.onReady(function() { var args = someMethod(), v = args.v; if (v) { … } … } Quite strangely, the v variable was always getting the undefined value. The reason is in fact very simple: Ext.onReady is using the createDelayed function. This method creates a function that will execute another […]

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