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Panic moments: Ubuntu wouldn’t boot properly after upgrade to Xenial

Xenial being released for quite some time now, I decided on a sunny Friday afternoon to do the big jump from Trusty to the latest greatest release. Used to the command line, I launch the "do-release-upgrade" command. 1500+ MB of packets to be downloaded, thousands to be upgraded, some new to be installed and about […]


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Installing Skype 4 on a 64b Linux

It’s so easy they say on the website… Download the .deb and install. But problem: the .deb won’t install since it is meant for i386, not for x64.

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Installing GCC 4.7 in Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 provides only GCC 4.6. To get GCC 4.7 (and its more advanced C++11 support), you need either to use Ubuntu 12.10 or you need to add a toolchain test repository. This page summarizes the latter option. To install GCC 4.7 in Ubuntu 12.04, do the following: sudo -s add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test apt-get update apt-get […]

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Utiliser les polices Windows Vista sous Linux et les faire reconnaître dans Acrobat Reader for Linux

Windows Vista et Office 2007 apportent une nouvelle série de polices appelées Cambria, Calibri et j’en passe. Ces polices ne sont pas incluses dans le package msttcorefonts. Pour les installer, il est nécessaire de télécharger le Power Point Viewer 2007 (qui contient aussi les nouvelles polices), de le décompresser avec cabextract et de copier les […]

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